Benefits of Businesses Offering Disability Jobs

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What is the perception of disability jobs around your workplace?

Is this an issue that executives pay lip service to or are they making proactive measures to actually open up their door and introduce a transparent hiring policy?

It has taken years of endeavour from advocacy groups, government bodies, small businesses and committed individuals to turn the tide on our preconceptions, but the shift is occurring.

So much of the focus in this instance is what the person cannot do rather than what they can provide to the company as an asset.

From an impairment of vision to physical injuries or autism, a large portion of society will at some point in their life face become handicapped or will have a close relationship with an individual who suffers from an ailment.

Should they be denied the opportunity to work in that event?

Rather than resting this position on the basis of morality, it is worthwhile taking stock of the tangible brand and financial benefits that are passed on by a more welcoming and transparent hiring policy.

Everyone benefits when handicapped workers are given the respect and dignity of being included within thriving organisations.

disabled man being assisted by a support assistant

Hiring Best Candidates

When a company removes inherent biases and subconscious preconceptions that are involved in some circles with disability jobs, entities soon discover that they locate better candidates. Due to a physical or mental impairment, certain executives overlook many of the outstanding features on a resume to focus in on that impairment. Whether it is their experience, their qualifications or simple suitability for that position, hiring people from the handicapped community opens the door for qualified candidates across all sectors of the business world.


Lower Accident Risk

Due to their condition, handicapped individuals are more likely to be savvy, cautious and aware of workplace hazards that can lead direct to accidents. Studies offer clarity on the point of disability jobs when it comes to this department, ensuring that hospitality, labour, managerial and operational positions are in safe hands when hiring from this standpoint. If accidents are a common occurrence and issue for managers looking to cut down on this statistics, then bringing aboard an employee from this background can only improve those figures.


Higher Retention Rate

There is a reliability that is at play with disability jobs when it comes to the facet of the retention rate. Seeing a high turnover of staff hurts the bottom line as the hiring process can be lengthy and take attention away from more important matters. Given the resources necessary to train staff and get them up to speed, bringing aboard handicapped professionals offers an environment where individuals can be their best self, seeing a setting where motivation levels increase and the enjoyment factor becomes infectious.


Workplace Diversity Benefit

Workplace diversity” is a great buzzword that HR professionals will mention during PowerPoint presentations, but it happens to have a series of practical benefits. Disability jobs fits into that criteria because those individuals who deal with these issues help to contribute to a more diverse working environment. More people from different backgrounds including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, abled and handicapped professionals will cut down rates of workplace harassment and make for a more harmonious environment.

Staff members are therefore judged on their acumen, performance and conduct rather than being viewed through the perspective of their profile that categorises them as a “minority.” This is particularly effective when those variations of age, sex, race, religion and abled or handicapped individuals rise up the ranks of the hierarchy to make executive decisions for the company.


Government Boost and Incentives

Wage subsidy schemes and financial incentives from the Australian government are great ways for a business to invest in disability jobs safe in the knowledge that they are covered and backed by the public sector. There can be cases that see workplaces accommodating individuals that need safety equipment or measures such as guardrails or lifts that support their capacity to travel to and operate inside of an office setting. Rather than incur those costs upfront, the government is there to ensure that companies can hire those individuals without carrying that initial burden.


Improves Brand Reputation

Showcasing an inclusive policy that includes disability jobs for the workplace inherently improves the brand standing. Fast food supergiant McDonalds are a case in point both here domestically in Australia and overseas, illustrating that the hiring of young and middle-aged handicapped individuals have as much to offer the community as any other member.

The studies and research papers that have gauged the value added to brands points to a positive increase in their reputation as consumers appreciate and recognize the importance of this endeavour. Boosting the brand can be managed through a number of facets but many of the tactics and strategies are only to offer aesthetically pleasing choices that don’t make much of a tangible difference. Offering jobs for handicapped individuals bucks that trend.



It is one thing to make the moral argument to introduce disability jobs into your business, but there are practical and financial incentives that makes this option a clever ploy purely from the perspective of your bottom line. If your company is not one of these open environments, advocate for a new position.


How the Sick Certificate is Easier than Ever

Sick certificate and a laptop


It’s cold and flu season and you’ve got a nasty bought of sneezes and wheezes that make it hard to function. You’re far from feeling on top of your game for work and you can only manage the bare essentials, then it’s back to bed.


Many workplaces in Australia are however not going to let you off the hook so easily. At least, not without a sick certificate.


A sick certificate is a document verifying that you are, in fact, bed ridden. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the awfully common common cold, nor the flu. If there’s any illness, injury or misadventure that’s caused you to be unfit for work, a registered medical practitioner may write you a statement to serve as ‘proof’ of your illness.


The sick certificate serves as evidence to satisfy a ‘reasonable’ person that you aren’t in a shape for work and thereby entitled to take personal leave accordingly. It’s assumed that the practitioner who has issued it is qualified to do so, and that following an assessment, they deem the illness or injury to indeed be the case.


A sick certificate is considered irrefutable. In the case that an employer wants to challenge this, they must independently seek an alternative medical opinion about their employee’s health.


As the cold and flu, and myriad of other types of germs are contagious, it’s in everyone’s best interest for ill employees to stay home with their Netflix and tissue boxes. As many tend to go into work over staying in when unwell, the ministry of health has in fact urged ill Australians to pick up a sick certificate and stay away.


The issuing of a sick certificate falls under the Fair Work Act 2009. Did you know that under this legislation pharmacists are now also allowed to give you one of these sacred documents?


That’s right, you can wander down to your local pharmacist (should you be fit to get out of bed, to come right back) and pick up a note giving you that sweet, sweet green light for your absence from work.


On this note, pharmacists will only issue a sick certificate for a condition that is within their scope of practice – generally minor issues. If your condition is out of their league they’ll refer you to a doctor.


And you don’t have to worry about a public spectacle. Your pharmacy will have a private area in which they can assess you, keeping everything confidential too. They’ll give you a recommendation, charge you a small fee, and you’ll be good to go. You’ll generally be covered for two days.


What’s more? There now exist online services that can issue a sick certificate online… in just five minutes!


You read right. Sydney-based sites had the vision of creating a more convenient medical system. And that’s what they did. From the comfort of home, patients can save time in obtaining this document in a few simple steps, and save the doctor’s time too…


The doctor up at the medical centre that is. These online services do however have doctors of their own, working through the website. They charge a fee for a digital consultation (not covered by Medicare), and then from there decide to issue the document – or not.


That’s not to say there aren’t concerns with both pharmacies and these online services in this regard. Employers are concerned with these documents being handed out over the counter like pain killers


They are claimed to lack detail about the problem, stating only the timeframe of the illness. It is up to these services to treat the decision and provide more detail for these forms to be considered as solid evidence for your sickie.



Why You Should Invest in Inventory Management Software in Australia

person monitoring inventory on his laptop

As technology becomes more advanced, new innovations arise with the opportunity to leverage digital products for a business advantage. But as these new inventions become increasingly popular, they become less of an advantage and more of a necessity.


On that case, the inventory management software Australia is one key example of this. As companies become more immersed in the world of e-commerce and distribution becomes more widespread, it becomes imperative to think about managing stock in a smarter, more effective manner.


The rise of inventory management software in Australia has allowed this transformation to take place, as more companies transition to digital systems to track the movements of their products.


However, for small to medium enterprises, there may be a greater reluctance to this change, as many do not have the resources to undertake a transformation with ease. However, adopting inventory management software Australia is a great investment for many reasons, as listed below!

Handle your stock better

Investing in good inventory management software in Australia will help you to understand and handle your stock better. This is because there is more and better detail on your items and their movements, which is easily accessible to you.


With this knowledge, you will be able to respond to enquiries about your stock and prevent misunderstandings much more easily. You’ll also have a better knowledge of how your warehouse processes are holding up.

Effective integration

With the right inventory management software in Australia, you’ll be able to effectively and easily integrate platforms to your benefit. For example, linking your stock tracking system to your accounting system can make the flow of data much more streamlined.


Aside from internal platforms, you have the opportunity to link this product platform with external e-commerce sites. So if you stock your products on these sites, it makes the process of closing a sale much easier.


Linking your webstore to your stock information promotes efficiency and effectiveness across your organisation and prevents simple mistakes from happening. It can make a huge difference to the customer experience.

Business intelligence

With inventory management software in Australia comes data and the ability to use it to our advantage. Having a good understanding of your items and how they move is strengthened by reports and sheets generated.


Business intelligence such as advanced reporting on KPIs and period on period analysis can make it much simpler for you to analyse the performance of your business. This information is great for making executive decisions, especially if you are on a time limit.


With the help of business intelligence, you can make smarter and more informed decisions on the running of your company.

Streamline processes

The integrative nature of stock systems can allow for processes to be more easily streamlined. Handling your bank of items requires a lot of different procedures, but the use of digital gadgets and technology can drastically improve workflows in your company.


With the introduction of more effective practices, you’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your workers and your organisation overall. This can make a huge difference in your performance and minimise many difficulties.


There are many reasons to invest in a good inventory management software in Australia. While it may seem difficult and time-consuming to make the transition, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. From a managerial perspective, the long-term impact is considerable and unavoidable.


Transitioning into the digital age comes with the need to be a part of the change. In order to remain relevant and progress in industry, adopting new practices and technologies is essential!