How Outsourced CFO Services Offers a Direct Competitive Advantage

For a 2019 modern business trying to gain momentum and traction in the marketplace, it can be frustrating to experience continual setbacks.

From failed launches and spiraling costs to struggles with employee turnover and misses marketing opportunities, there are issues that seemingly never go away for managers and executives in the current landscape.

One of the best ways to escape this slump is to look at creative solutions that can alleviate the burden and stress experienced at these times.

Outsourced CFO services happen to fall into that category as enterprises utilize the skills of a chief financial officer as a third party.

Here is where a direct competitive advantage can be found, offering a number of benefits that can ward off those problems and allow that momentum to be gained.


Delivering Important Oversight


If the outsourced CFO services are to actually start delivering on the metrics that are needed for the overall business targets, then there will be more revenue and with that, more need for oversight for the organisation. How these funds are used and where the taxation and compliance fits into the equation is something that the chief financial officer has to manage. Oversight should not be seen as a chore but a way to mitigate against risk, cutting down on the chance that security breaches or corruption could fester under the opuses of the brand.


Offers Comprehensive Business Strategy

As the saying goes: “fail to plan, then plan to fail.” Outsourced CFO services gives companies the chance to actually think in a proactive fashion and start to map out their objectives and head in a positive direction. When taking into account the liquidity of a firm, what economic returns can be gained by various actions and how the reporting functions are conducted, an enterprise can take a step back and look at the big picture. So often managers and departments are caught up with the here and now, stressed about the short-term targets without considering the long-term impacts and implications. Outsourcing through this field can help to solve that problem directly.


Flexibility of Services

The joy about outsourced CFO services is that a company can scale their expertise up or down depending on their circumstances and the nature of the arrangement. There are those global conglomerates who are aggressively pushing to acquire other enterprises in the marketplace and this requires a highly sophisticated planning apparatus. This will see numerous balls being juggled at once as the fee will be commensurate with the level of expertise. Then there are smaller organisations who simply need added oversight and planning for their financial matters, a lower level that is affordable for their resources.


Saving on Unwanted Costs

Money is the realm that outsourced CFO services specialise in, so who better to eliminate those unwanted costs that a professional in this niche? From cutting down on those needless overheads to forging stronger partnerships with affiliates at lower costs and working towards a budgetary target, this is an investment that will save a firm thousands of dollars over the long-term.


Key Negotiating Tactics

Customers and suppliers need to be consulted when it comes to certain domains of a business, an area that outsourced CFO services specialise in. This will include agreements on fixed or scaling rates to payment options and loans that will affect the liquidity of an organisation, all factors that influence the health of a business. That degree of negotiating might not be a skill that is part of the company internally, and it is vital to earning a competitive advantage.



Gaining a competitive advantage cannot be earned alone simply through hiring outsourced CFO services, but it is a positive start to the grander process. By offering added oversight, issuing a long-term strategy, issuing flexible options, cutting down on costs and operating as an expert negotiator, they will work as an asset to the brand.