How Commercial Industries Benefit From a Busy Light System

Man, laptop and a busy light on


Improving communication can be viewed as a buzzword for third party consultants to exude, but there is genuine benefit for companies to implement stronger models in this regard.


All across Australia, organisations have a duty to uphold their end of the bargain when it comes to phone calls, messages, emails, visits, consultations and any instance that sees a professional representative engaging someone internally or externally to the business.


Such an imperative leads managers to programs that include a busy light system, a function that is on offer by a variety of outlets as they promote a healthier and more efficient model for communication.


To ensure that your business has an independent application that promotes correct functionality when speaking with colleagues, managers and customers, then these lights will work as a solution to that requirement.


Let us expand on this discussion further to see where the specific benefits lie in investing in these software programs.

Non-Invasive Communication Model

Whereas older communication frameworks would rely on one single booming sound across a warehouse or a loud, continual ring from one end of a centre to the next, a busy light system executes exactly what the product explains. A silent light that illustrates whether a colleague is available (green), busy (red), away (yellow), does not want to be disturbed (purple) or experiencing technical faults (white) offers a non-invasive environment that cuts down on static noise and distractions.

Boosting Customer Service Function

Missed calls equals missed business; that is a stark reality that is presented before executives and managers who run the analytics on employee performance. A busy light allows for customer service workers to identify when they are being sourced for a call, even if they are in a remote position or are facing a distraction inside their cubicle. Given the frantic nature of some work environments with active sales department members intruding on a space, this system can operate as a safeguard in these circumstances.

Desk Bookings

The joy of installing a busy light for companies is that they can access remote benefits that relate to desk bookings. Should employees circulate from one position to the next within an office environment, this application can portably dock in one location before that is broadcast to the entire department. By logging into the mapping function of the program, individuals can identify where a colleague is situated at any given one moment.

Improves Office Culture For The Better

Doubting voices will point to one potential flaw that could be exposed by the installation of a busy light. Simply by plugging into a call of any note, employees could try and shortcut the model by appearing to be busy and tied up on lines of communication just for the sake of appearances. A manager that regularly walks by and checks their status could be under the impression that individuals are undertaking their professional duty, but it could be a system open to abuse and nefarious behaviour.


However, the evidence that has been examined illustrates that this perception is unfounded. Without the need to implement micromanagement techniques, desk operators at call centres discover that their communication is improved by eliminating interruptions. Should the department be welcoming and open to how this platform operates, it will bring out the best inside the office culture.


By sourcing a provider in the niche of a busy light, your business can solve some very basic and universal problems that persist in the commerce sector. These lights work as cues to maximise efficiency and with the digital evolution taking place, there will be further functions that present themselves into the future. Consider this program a wise investment for your office setting to boost communication performance.